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Wadkin North American stocks a complete line of available Wanner Grease Guns OEM replacement parts for your convenience. Original replacement parts are also recommended for the best performance.

Wadkin offers repair services for most Grease Guns. Call and arrange for a schedule for repairs. There is a minimum labor charge of $50.00 for this specialized trouble-shooting services.

Wanner high pressure grease gun recommended for use with all hydro-tooling applications. Original replacement parts are recommended.

For information on:
Free Case of 10 Tubes of PHLB2 With The Purchase of Any Wanner 3 Grease Gun! Limited Offer!
Wanner 3 Grease Gun Specifications
Click on Underlined description for exploded diagram views.
Product Number Description ABNOX Part Number Price  
WANR1 Wanner Grease Gun - Exploded diagram 3
(photo of Wanner 1 Grease Gun )
32392.02 Parts Available CALL
WANR1 Wanner Grease Gun Rod - Exploded diagram 4 (rod) 32392.06 Parts Available CALL
WANR3 Wanner Grease Gun -Exploded diagram 1 (chain) 32392-10 $435.00 Buy Now
WANR3 Wanner Grease Gun - Exploded diagram 2 (rod) 32393-11 $435.00 Buy Now
GG1 Gun Head H30614 NA  
GG2 Lever   H32305 $10.20 Buy Now
GG3 Bushing H32341 replaced w/GG6  
GG4 Spiral Pin H84630 $2.50 Buy Now
GG5 Piston H32340 $21.80 Buy Now
GG6 X-Ring Seal N82495 $3.70 Buy Now
GG7 Spiral Pin N84684 $2.50 Buy Now
GG8 Torsion Spring K81699 $3.30 Buy Now
GG9 Washer K80365 $3.60 Buy Now
GG10 Rotary Coupling B32325 $35.20 Buy Now
GG11 Washer K80128 $4.40 Buy Now
GG12 Glycerin Gauge (600 BAR) K83746  $173.70 Buy Now
GG13 Pressure Spring K81384  $3.40 Buy Now
GG14 Valve Plug K30643  $2.10 Buy Now
GG15 Non-Return Valve B30508 $16.50 Buy Now
GG16 Barrel Seal K80657 $6.10 Buy Now
GG17 Red Piston Seal K83576 $12.10 Buy Now
GG18 Joint Pad K80162  $14.30 Buy Now
GG19 Guide H32329 $59.20 Buy Now
GG20 Pressure Spring K81763 $43.30 Buy Now
GG21 Support                 B39075  $17.30 Buy Now
GG22 Chain     N83901 $12.20 Buy Now
GG23 Spiral Pin N84681 $2.50 Buy Now
GG24 Lining H39096 $2.50 Buy Now
GG25 Flat Washer N82471  $2.30 Buy Now
GG26 Pressure Spring K81656 $5.40 Buy Now
GG27 Handle H39095 $16.60 Buy Now
GG28 3/16" Steel Ball N82010 $2.10 Buy Now
GG29 Pressure Release Screw  H32301 $9.80 Buy Now
GG30 Air Release Valve 35590 $12.50 Buy Now
GG31 Washer K80198 $2.60 Buy Now
GG32 Washer K80266 $3.60 Buy Now
GG33 Cover Plug H30642 $8.70 Buy Now
GG34 Connector 36590 $16.30 Buy Now
GG35 Grease Hose 18" to 20" Heavy Duty   B35184   $57.50 Buy Now
GG36 End Cover B30657 $45.00 Buy Now
GG37 Barrel H38004 $32.90 Buy Now
GG38 Low Pressure Piston 3807 $44.20 Buy Now
GG39 Low Pressure Assembly (Rod) N/A $115.00 Buy Now
GG40 Support Disk H38146 $3.30 Buy Now
GG41 Security Disk N84808 $2.30 Buy Now
GG42 Pressure Spring K81771 $43.30 Buy Now
GG43 Piston Rod with Handle 38078 $32.80 Buy Now
GG44 Insert Plastic 38089 $11.50 Buy Now
GG45 End Cover 38013 $25.00 Buy Now
GG46 Pressure Spring (Valve Seat) 81394 $3.60 Buy Now
GG47 Valve Plug (Steel) 32344 $3.60 Buy Now
GG48 Valve Seat K43448 $8.50 Buy Now
GG49 "O" Ring 82205 $1.80 Buy Now
GG50 Non-Return Valve B38256.01 $20.80 Buy Now
GG51 "O" Ring (Non-return) 82250 $1.80 Buy Now
GG52 Pressure Release Screw 32308.01 $9.10 Buy Now
GG53 Air Release Valve 35595.01 $17.30 Buy Now
GG54 Filler Cap (Conical) 35690 $14.40 Buy Now
GG55 Gun Head (WANR2) discontinued 30614.04 N/A Buy Now
GG56 Gun Head (Com. WANR3 Chain) 33732 $253.40 Buy Now
GG57 Gun Head (Com. WANR3 Rod) 33731 $253.40 Buy Now
GG58 Air Release Valve 35591 $17.30 Buy Now
GG59 Pressure Release Screw 33773 $12.30 Buy Now
GG60 Steel Ball 82008 $2.30 Buy Now
GG61 Valve Seat 33772 $17.30 Buy Now
GG62 Non-Return Valve 33716 $24.00 Buy Now
GG63 Copper Seal 82666.01 $6.00 Buy Now
GG64 Link-Plate Assembly E07 $7.50 Buy Now
GG65 Spiral Pin 84631 $2.30 Buy Now
GG66 Lever 33707 $9.70 Buy Now
GG67 Torsion Spring 81697 $2.90 Buy Now
GG68 O-Ring 82204 $2.30 Buy Now
GG69 Handle Complete 33705 $7.50 Buy Now
GG70 Screw Plug 84391 $2.30 Buy Now
GG71 Cover Plug 84300.01 $4.10 Buy Now

*Grease Gun images used with permission of Wood Tech Enterprises, Inc.

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