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Part # Description Function
H Series Insert Cabinet Tooling Stile & rail, raised panels with multipleprofile choices
HSK63F Collet Chuck CNC routers, machine centers, point to point machines - CALL
P1SP S. Carbide Compression Bit Chip-free finish, double faced laminates
P175 Solid Carbide Up Cut Bit Deep grooving/face down routing
P178 Solid Carbide Down Cut Bit Face up routing & grooving
P276 Solid Carbide Ruffer Bit Roughing, high feed rates
P285 Spring Collets Precision collets - CALL
PH01FM06 Insert Router Bit NEW! - CNC Routers, heavy cuts & rebating      
PH08 Insert Hogging Bit NEW! - CNC routers/reduced cutting pressure - CALL
PH25 Multi-Angle Router Cutter NEW! - CNC routers/ 0-45° top/0-90° bottom angle - CALL
PH46 Multiprofile Router Head CNC routers, 2-1/4” small cutting circle
RT19/50 Insert Router Bit CNC routers, edging single & double faced materials
RT25/50 Insert Router Bit Fits on any router, heavy cutting at high feed rates      

Finger Jointing System

Very versatile high performance finger jointing system (Grecon Dimter, Omga, etc.)
TAL2FM Hogging Unit & Trim Saw single & double end tenoners
TH02 Edging/Rebating Cutting across the grain
TH03 Edging/Rebating Cutting across the grain veneer and melamine
TH04SP Edging Cutter Excellent finish cut
TH05 Compression Shear Head Chip free finish on laminates and solid woods
TH06 Edging/Rebating NEW! Rebating, edging, grooving
TH08 Surfacing Head Surfacing, planing excellent finish
TH09 Adjustable Groover Grooves 5/16” to 15/16” wide to 1” deep
TH17 Multi-Angle Edging Cutter 0° to 70° angle cuts
TH18 Guide Groove Cutter Grooved bed cutters for Weinig & others
TH20 Flooring/Paneling Set Adj.tongue & groove & v-paneling cutter set
TH22 Finger Joint Cutter 10/10 joints along & across grain & corners
TH23 Adjustable Groover Grooves 5/32” to 19/64” wide to 1” deep
TH24 Miter Lock Cutter Box or panel joints
TH29 Stackable Surfacing Head Surfacing, planing, variable widths
TH2SPFA Aluminum Tenoner Heads Clean cross milling
TH30 Spiral Profile Head Profile shaping/planing, heavy roughing head
TH34 Rounding/Chamfering Set S4S & chamfering of stock 5/8” to 2-3/8” thick.
TH45 Multiprofile Head Versatile head body, accepts multiple profiles
TH71 Planing/Radius/Chamfer head NEW! Combination head w/ multiple profile - CALL
TH72 Spiral Surfacing Head Surfacing, planing, lightweight head
THSP Reference Engraver Use with surfacing heads
TS07 Multiprofiler Head Multipurpose corrugated back head
ZAF30 Resharpening Fixture For TG25 Finger-jointing system
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