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Hand Lever Pumps MURALT
One-hand Pumps
One-hand Pumps
The mature and robust professional MURALT hand lever pump from ABNOX for the reliable maintenance in machines and plant construction.
The efficient and effective hand pump from ABNOX with optimal weight distribution for simple working with minimum effort.
A practical light lubrication One-hand Mini Wanner Pump from ABNOX for one-hand operation with high-capacity compression for use in the industry, building and transport trade.
Hand Push Pumps
Drum Hand Operated—Pumps
Electric Hand Pumps AX-400
Serviceable lubrication equip-ment from ABNOX, suitable for lubricant and viscous oils. Heavy duty design for use in industry and trades.
Hand-operated lubrication Drum Hand Operated Pump from ABNOX for use in applications with large grease quantities when no compressed air is available e.g. cable cars, agricultural plants, construction sites.
Practical and universally electric hand pump AX-400 from ABNOX for fast and smoothed greasing, thanks to a lot of built-in comfort and simple handling.
Hand Operated Filter Pumps
Air-Operated Filter Pumps

Hand-operated filler pump from ABNOX for filling of all grease lubrication devices such as hand lever pumps, one-hand pumps and hand push pumps, with cylindrical or conical filler cap.

The grease filler pumps with air-operated grease pump of 5:1 pressure conversion ratio, are the ideal equipment from ABNOX for economic and clean filling of hand lever pumps, one-hand pumps, hand push pumps and lubrication systems.
The correct accessory for ABNOX grease lubrication devices.
Lubrication Nipples
Oil-level Windows
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Lubrication nipples from ABNOX with high reliability and precision for both first assembly and replacement according to DIN standards.
Oil Level Windows from Abnox with natural glas for the area of application in the machine and vehicle construction as well as in the devices and process engineering. Customer Benefits include • Multi-purpose usable • High quality standard • High reliability • Possible for custom-made product
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