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Weinig Powerlock Spiral Planerheads
  • Similar to design to standard spiral planer heads for non-jointed applications of 80 fpm or less
  • Rated for maximum speed of 8,000 rpm over 240mm wide
  • Rated for maximum speed of 12,000 rpm. up to 240mm wide

Using a spiral cut tool on natural wood can make the cutting process smoother, often dramatically improving finish quality. These advantages are particularly beneficial when cutting material that is cross-grained, knotty or of a "stringy" layered structure.

  • Noise reduction (up to 20 decibels).
  • Reduced cutting pressure (up to 20%).
  • Reduced tearing.
  • Less severe cutting action.
  • Less tendency to create chip dents.
  • Should a knife nick occur, only a single 4-sided insert knife must be rotated or replaced. No grinding required.
  • Insert knives uniquely designed with a slight convex curve on the cutting edge to prevent lines from appearing on the wood surface.
  • Each cutterhead includes a full set of installed inserts.
Tool Diameter 110mm • Each cutterhead includes a full set of installed inserts.
Part Number   Width Spindle Use Price
MM Inches   
WEI-64023  115 4-33/64" L/B CALL
WEI-64025 150 5-29/32" L/B CALL
WEI-64027 240 9-29/64" Bottom CALL
WEI-640281 270 10-5/8" Bottom CALL
WEI-640282 325 12-51/64" Bottom CALL
Part Number   Width Spindle Use Price
MM Inches   
WEI-64033  60 4-33/64" R/T CALL
WEI-64035 100 5-29/32" R/T CALL
WEI-64037 150 9-29/64" Top CALL
WEI-640381 170 10-5/8" Top CALL
WEI-640382 240 12-51/64" Top CALL
Replacement Reversible Knives for Powerlock Spiral Cutterheads
Part Number   Width Price
WEI-637100 15 x 15 x 2.5mm CALL
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