Description of saw blade types with a link to a detail chart listing our saw blade prices.

Band Saw Blades - 1 wood and 3 types of metal cutting saw blades: Cobalt Bi-Metal Saw Blade, Standard Bi-Metal Saw Blade, Stationary Band Saw Blade, Carbon Steel Portable Blade.

Blind Cutting Saw - Specially designed for a fine, clean cut on the Nien-Made window blind cutting machines. See Blind Cutting Saw Pricing Chart.

Chop Saw Blades - see Radial Arm Saws below.

Circular Saw Blade - Chop, skill, circular saw blades for cutting through steel, iron and aluminum with minimal friction. This blade cuts cool and therefore does not melt aluminum along the cut line. See Metal Circular Saw Pricing Chart.

Combination Saw Blade - Combination saws are designed for good all around use when acceptable rips and crosscuts must be made with one saw blade. The larger gullets allow deeper cuts and efficient saw dust escape on rip cuts. See Combination Saw Pricing Chart.

Conic Scoring Saw Blades - Conic tooth shape allows adjustment to match kerf of the main blade simply by adjusting height of scoring blade. All are made with Micro-Sheen C-4 sub-micron carbide for longer life. See Conic Scoring Saw Pricing Chart.

Dado Sets - These sets come with five chipper blades for a total of 13/16" width, giving you super smooth, splinter free cuts. This is the highest quality industrial grade dado set you will ever use. Each packaged securely in a wooden case. Each dado set has been tested before shipping to ensure smooth cut. On the same page are prices for Additional Chippers for Dado Sets.

Diamond Saw (Hardiplank® Polycrystalline) - This diamond saw blade is designed to cut faster and cleaner and will last 150 times longer than a carbide blade if solely used on fiber cement material and not used to cut through nails or staples. See Diamond Saw Pricing Chart.

Door Jamb Saw Blade - This saw blade is designed for Jamb Saws to cut door jambs when installing carpet or tile. The blades feature a tapered bore with 2 pinholes. See Door Jamb Saw Pricing Chart.

Double Cut Off Saw Blades - Double Cut Off Saws are designed for panel sizing double end machines. These are to be used in pairs with one right half (3R1L) and one left half (3L1R). Our DC saws contain Micro-Sheen C-4 sub-micron carbide, which provides better resistance to corrosion, gives longer tool life, and extended use before resharpening. See Double Cut-Off Saw Pricing Chart.

Edge Banders - For trimming plastic protecting edge bandings of solid wood, wood veneers, and plastic. For use on single and double sided edge banding machines.

Finger Joint Cutters - Our finger joint cutters are made with precision CNC machines. Three wing cutters are also available.

General Purpose Saw Blades (Alternate Top) - These saws are designed for general sizing and cutting of natural woods. A higher number of teeth provides a finer edge to the cut, but should only be used on thinner material. The saw blades designated by the prefix GAM contain Micro-Sheen C-4 sub-micron carbide, which provides longer tool life. See General Saw Pricing Chart.

(Triple Chip) - These saws are designed for high production cutting of natural woods, plywood, chipboard, and MDF. The TCG teeth offer less wear than the ATB with nearly the same quality of cut. The blades designated by the prefix GTM contain Micro-Sheen C-4, sub-micron carbide, which provides for a longer tool life. See Triple Chip Saw Pricing Chart.

Glue Joint Rip Saw Blades - (FTG) Designed for operations requiring an extra smooth cut, such as solid wood pieces that will be glued together. Use these blades for rip cuts only. Glue Joint Rip Saws can be bored out to fit most gang rip saws. See pricing chart. See FTG Glue Joint Rip Saw Pricing Chart.

(ATB) Designed for ripping soft or hard woods where a strong grain pattern can cause saw to drift and follow grain. ATB design helps to maintain direction and provide a clean, straight cut. These can be bored out to fit most gang rip saws. See ATB Glue Joint Rip Saw Pricing Chart.

Laminate / Melamine Saw Blade - A higher angle on top bevel gives this saw an extra sharp shearing action to slice through single or double sided laminates without chipping. These blades are good for laminates, melamine, coreboard, and other composite materials. Made with Micro-Sheen C-4 sub-micron carbide for longer life. See Melamine Saw Pricing Chart.

Large Trim Saw Blades - These 22” and 24” large trim saw blades are a new addition to our blade line and have been a big hit so far! See Large Trim Saw Pricing Chart.

Lucas Saws - This is a five toothed thin kerf blade for the Lucas Portable Mill. The saw blade can mill the face of a board in one direction and trim the edge on the return trip - all in one pass. See Lucas Saw Pricing Chart.

Metal Cutting Blades - See wood and metal cutting blades for band saw blades for use on machinable metals, including stainless steel, pipe, tubing, solids and metal cutting circular saw blades. See Metal Devil Blade Pricing Chart. Watch videos.

Mitre & Double Mitre Saw Blades - MS and MD saws are designed for mitre saw machines to cut molding or picture frame material. Blades with CTC design are made to cut any wood or light metal without changing blades for different materials. See Mitre Saw Pricing Chart.

For heavy aluminum or when cutting only non-ferrous metals, see Non-Ferrous Saws.

Multi-Score Split Sawblades - These blades are used in MultiScore rip applications with 3 mounting holes on each half. 8" x 64T comes in two outside blades with a groover in between for ½" wide groove.

Non-Ferrous Cutting Saw Blade - A specially formulated carbide makes cutting all kinds of nonferrous metal simple and easy. Cuts sheets, extrusions, or light solids of aluminum, copper, and brass. Clamp material firmly and lubricate blade with cutting fluid. Do not use on steel or other ferrous metals. See Non-Ferrous Saw Pricing Chart.

Panel Saw Blades - Designed for use on panel machines for cutting MDF, particle board, laminates, and bonded materials. Use with scoring saw on reverse side to prevent chipping. All Panel Saws are made with Micro-Sheen C-4 sub-micron carbide for longer life. See Panel Saw Pricing Chart.

Plastic Cutting Saw Blade - Designed for cutting plastic or vinyl sheets, moldings, or extrusions. Maximum cutting thickness of 10mm (3/8”). For cutting thicker plastics, we recommend a TCG grind such as our GT Series. These plastic cutting saws are specially designed to work well on thin sheets of acrylic material. See Plastic Cutting Saw Pricing Chart.

Radial Arm Saw Blades - These radial arm saws are designed similar to the General Purpose saw but with a negative hook angle to prevent grabbing. Other than non-ferrous materials, this saw provides excellent crosscuts on most materials. See Radial Arm Saw Pricing Chart.

Professional Series Saw Blades - The Professional Series blades are designed with contractors in mind. PRO-724 does not have the diamond knockout, whereas PR724 & PR740 come with the diamond knockout and anti-kickback design. See Professional Saw Pricing Chart.

Rip & Gang Rip Saw Blade (FTG) - These saws are designed for ripping soft or hard woods where chiseling action of FTG is effective. FTG grind is the fastest, most efficient tooth design for rip cuts. These blades can be rebored to fit most sawing machines. See Gang Rip Saw Pricing Chart.

Solid Surface Saw Blades - Designed for cutting Corian, Avonite, Fountainhead, Surell, and similar materials. Our special sub-micron carbide will outlast any conventional carbide, delivering a much better cut over a longer life. See Solid Surface Saw Pricing Chart.

Split Scoring Saw Blades - Split design allows adjustment to match kerf of main blade simply by adding shims. All split saws are made with Micro-Sheen C-4 Sub micron carbide for longer life. See Split Scoring Saw Pricing Chart.

Thin & Ultra Thin Saw Blades - (Thin) This saw blade keeps material waste to a minimum and require less horsepower to cut material efficiently. Use these in place of standard kerf blades. See Thin Saw Pricing Chart.

(Ultra Thin) - Designed for cutting very soft, thin, expensive material, allowing for very little waste. Not for cutting hardwoods. Please consult us before choosing this saw blade. Limited Warranty. See Ultra Thin Saw Pricing Chart.

Trim & Precision Trim Saw Blades - (Trim) This saw blade is designed with a higher number of teeth to keep a fine cut on the finish side of your material. See Trim Saw Pricing Chart.

(Precision Trim) The precision version has teeth which are beveled on the face and the top. This improvement on the standard ATB design gives an extra fine cutting edge. The raker tooth cleans away any stray saw dust which allows the teeth to cut with perfection. This is the smoothest cutting blade you will find! See Precision Trim Saw Pricing Chart.

Truss & Component Saw Blades - All of the Clary truss blades have 3 right and 3 left tapered mounting holes on a 3 1/8” bolt circle, except for the 22” which has 5” bolt circle. Our new line of Mitek truss blades also have 3 right and 3 left mounting holes, but on a 6” bolt circle. The Auto-Omni 12” truss blades come with the 3 right and 3 left mounting holes on a 2 1/4” bolt circle and the 20” come with 8 mounting holes on a 3 1/2” bolt circle. They are all manufactured with a thicker plates for smoother and straighter cuts every time. See Truss Saw Pricing chart.

Vorwood Door Trimming Saw Blades - please call us at 1-800-Tooling (800-866-5464) for more information.