POPULAR TOOLS • Mitre Saws ( Miter Saws )

To get a perfect cut of picture frames from a Pistorius or a CTD double mitre saw requires more than just a pair of saw blades. Our miter saw blade represents an accumulation of experience of many framing professionals, resulting in a smooth cut without chipping. The miter saw has a thicker body while a narrower kerf. A standard 10" blade with 80 teeth wood cutting blade has .125" (1/8") kerf at .087" thick plate. To reduce the vibration, our 10" mitre saw uses .094" thick plate at the same time the kerf is reduced to .118" for real sharp cuts. Because of the closer body to kerf design, chipping is reduced to a minimum.

In addition to the strong miter saw body, our saw was ground to less than half thick of a hair in variance, or more precisely, within .002". When running your mitre saw at 3,400 rpm, the strong body, sharp teeth, and straight saw body of Popular Tools saw blades help you to deliver fine cuts on your picture frames. Give us a try and let our mitre blades show you why more and more saw shops are using Popular Tools' mitre blades.

Note: Mitre saws with CTC (California triple chip) design are made to cut any wood or light metal without changing blades for different materials. For heavy aluminum or when only cutting non-ferrous metals, see non-ferrous saws.

Saw Blades • MITRE SAWS
Part No. Diameter Teeth Grind Arbor Plate Kerf Hook Angle Price
MD1080 10" 80 ATB+R 5/8" .094" .118" -2 deg. CALL
MD1010 10" 100 ATB+R 5/8" .094" .118" -2 deg. CALL
MD1280P 12" 80 ATB+R 5/8" .102" .126" -2 deg. CALL
MDC1296 12" 96 CTC 5/8" .110" .134" -2 deg. CALL
MD1210P 12" 100 ATB+R 5/8" .110" .126" -2 deg. CALL
MD1210R 12" 100 ATB+R 1" .102" .126" -2 deg. CALL
MD1410P 14" 100 ATB+R 5/8" .110" .134" -2 deg. CALL
MD1410R 14" 100 ATB+R 1" .110" .134" -2 deg. CALL
MD275100 275mm 100 ATB+R 32mm 2.4mm 3.0mm 0 deg. CALL
MD3503010G 350mm 100 ATB+R 30mm 2.8mm 4.2mm -2 deg. CALL

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