POPULAR TOOLS • Metal Cutting Blades
Metal Cutting Blades with Very Flat Saw Plates

Popular Tools' metal cutting blades use micro-grain tips with titanium to provide greater impact strength and durability. Tips are automatically brazed and then sharpened on robotic grinders for cutting accuracy. Most importantly, the saw body has been heat treated and surface ground to less than .0015" variance. Many of them are manually hammered for strength and flatness. Hammer marks on the plate show the extra work performed by our experienced technician. These blades can cut through ferrous metal like angle iron, steel pipe, flat bar, and rebar.
Part No. Diameter Teeth Grind Arbor Max RPM Kerf Price
ST1260 12" 60 TCG 1" 1800 .094" CALL
ST1280 12" 80 TCG 1" 1800 .094" CALL
ST1472 14" 72 TCG 1" 1800 .094" CALL
ST1490 14" 90 TCG 1" 1800 .094" CALL

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