7922 Specifications

Supply Voltage

85 – 265VAC or 10 – 26VDC at 100mA

Auxiliary Output Supply

12VDC ± 10% @ 100mA (when operating from AC supply)


2 rows of 6 digits, supertwist black on silver LCD with yellow/green LED backlight. Upper row
7mm (0.28in) high indicates count, lower row 4mm (0.16in) high indicates P1/P2 preset point. Also Relay 1 Active annunciator

Backlight Control

Programmable to Always ON, Always OFF or AUTO (ON for 30s following last keypress)

Preset Points

Two user selectable preset points 1 – 999999

Count Inputs

Voltage Opto-isolated 10 – 30VDC
Quadrature and uni-directional
Input A (quadrature and uni-dir. count) NPN or PNP
Input B (quadrature and UP/DOWN in uni-dir. mode)
Maximum input frequency 10kHz
Duty cycle Maximum 60:40 or 40:60 mark/space ratio
Prescaler Multiply 0.00001 – 9.99999, default 1.00000
Divide 1 – 99999, default 00001

Manual Reset

Can be disabled on installation or remotely reset

Remote Reset

Contact closure or pulse (15 ms response time)

Automatic Reset

Programmable for automatic or Manual/Remote reset

Data retention

40 years minimum

Output Relays

Contact Connection

Both individually programmable as NO or NC SPST
Contact Rating 5A 260VAC/30VDC 1300VA/150W

Operating Temp

-10°to +60°C

Storage Temp

-20°C to +70°C

Environmental Protection

IP65 when properly installed using the sealing gasket supplied (without bezel)

Ordering Information

7922 – 6 digit Predetermining counter