Haimer Balancing Machines
Tool Dynamic 2002 Comfort/Comfort Plus
If you want to use the Tool Dynamic frequently and keep the balancing time as short as possible, you should decide on the Comfort machine. It’s equipped with a PC, keyboard, mouse and monitor.
All on one glance. Enter the tool data quickly on the big screen and find the unbalance with the optical indication.

Tool Dynamic 2002 Comfort Plus is equipped with PC, keyboard, mouse and flatscreen.

Technical data subject to change without prior notice

Technical Details
Tool Dynamic 2002 Comfort Plus Comfort
Dimensions bxhxt [mm] 1100x1500x820 500x1500x820
Weight [kg] 450 450
Power requirements [V/Hz] 230/50-60 230/50-60
Spindle speed [rpm] 300-1100 300-1100
Measuring accuracy [gmm] < 0,5 < 0,5
Power usage [kW] 0.4 0.4
Compressed air [bar] 6 6
Max. tool length [mm] 400 400
Max. tool diameter [mm] 380 380
Max. tool weight [kg] 30 30
Order number Haimer-80.226.00 Haimer-80.224.00
Price Call for pricing Call for pricing