Freud's Shaper Cutters can be fitted with bushings to allow the use of 1-1/4" bore cutters on spindles as small as 3/4". Single cutters require the use of a pair of flange bushings in the appropriate bore in order to lock the cutter on to the spindle. Multiple cutter stacks such as stile and rail cutter sets require flange bushings as well as center bushings.

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How to Select Bushings

To determine which bushings are required, first determine the total thickness of the stacked cutter hubs, which is often equal to carbide height and subtract the height of both flange bushings. The result is the maximum total height of center bushings required. Select bushing sizes that equal most nearly to this amount.

IMPORTANT: Never use center bushings that will equal or exceed the maximum total center bushing height.

Note that the Performance System Stile and Rail cutter sets and Raised Panel cutter sets include center cutter bushings for 3/4" spindles and Freud 3/4" bore cutters include all necessary bushings for use on 1/2" spindles.

EXAMPLE ABOVE: Bushing UP275 to 3/4" Spindle:

The carbide height of the UP275 is 2 3/64". After subtracting the height of the BC38MAA9 flange bushings, the maximum center bushing height is obtained:

2-3/64" - 11/64" - 11/64" = 1-45/64"

By choosing one BC58MAA9, one BC58MAB9 and two BC58MAC9 center bushings the total center bushing height is:

1/4" + 3/8" + 1/2" + 1/2" = 1-5/8"

This will leave a space of only 1/16" and allow the cutters to be securely tightened on the spindle.

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