FREUD presents Technical Tool Tips:
• For the Correct Use of a Saw Blade
About Tooth Geometry to Improve Cutting Finish
About Hook Angle
• About Blade Alignment on a Table Saw
• How to Obtain Blade Pitch
• Formula for obtaining Number of Teeth on a blade
• Rakers & Keyways
• Pin Hole Patterns
  • Correct Tooth's Feed Rate, Feed Rate of Material, Number of Teeth & RPM
  • Correct Sawblade Diameter based on Tip Speed & Materials to Cut  
  • Useful Chart for finding the right Sawblade for the job. (Very Large .pdf file 3.9MB - slow connections should not click here)
Rakers and Keyways

Rakers (Fig.22) are carbide inserts that are brazed on to saw blades exclusively for cutting wood. They help keep a distance between the saw blade body and the work piece, in order to avoid friction and overheating which case the blade to deform.

On sawblades for multiripping machines the anti-kickback device is advised in cases where wood has loose knots and minimizes damage that may occur.

The keyways do not allow blades for multiripping machines to rotate the arbor when working (Fig.23).

The pairing of blade and arbor with keyways is excellent in all cases where the keyways are the same (Fig. 23) or smaller than the blade slots (Fig. 24).

You should avoid mounting a saw blade with 2 keyways on an arbor with 1 keyway slot, because the spindle will not be balanced. Custom bores and keyways for blades can be arranged.

On multiripping saw blades, the thickness of the work piece (S) varies second to the diameter of the blade (Ø ) and the minimum diameter (Ø 1) of the rakers ( the rakers position may vary from blade to blade - Fig. 28).

Shoulder blade ensures correct distribution of lateral forces created by crooked planks in heavy duty use. The shoulder blade must be the first blade on the guide side of the multi-tripping blades (Fig. 27).

Always use a shoulder blade with the set of multiripping blades (Fig.27).

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