Freud Commercial Industrial Sawblades

Freud are leaders in Carbide Technology. They have been manufacturing superior woodcutting tools for more than 50 years. Wood Tech is pleased to present their TiCo High-Density Carbide Saw Blades like with two new coatings - the Silver I.C.E. (Industrial Cooling Element) Coating & the Titanium-Shield Coating.

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About TiCo Hi-Density Carbide

TiCo is a new specially formulated Titanium Cobalt Carbide designed to maximize performance on all Freud bits and blades.   It is much smaller and more densely packed than other carbides on the market today, enabling the carbide teeth on Freud's blades, bits and cutters to last up to four times longer than standard products.  Standard carbide is very large at around 4 -5 microns which leads to noticeable early wear. An advanced micro grain carbide can be as small as 1.0 microns, and wear is less evident.   Freud has created a TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide that is just .6 - .8 microns and size.  There’s even a Freud super density TiCo™ blend for an ultra sharp edge in laminate cutting applications, and measures at just .4 microns in size.   Freud creates over 20 different blends of TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide designed specifically for each cutting application to maximize tool performance in any woodworking project.

About Freud's New Hi-Performance Coatings

Silver I.C.E. (Industrial Cooling Element) Coating is a revolutionary new coating that resists corrosion and resin or “pitch” build-up and resists heat twice as long as standard polished blades.  Blades featuring Silver I.C.E.™  (Industrial Cooling Element) Coating resist corrosion, build-up and have 2 times more heat resistance and life than polished blades. Silver I.C.E Coating protects the blade from heat stress that can cause rapid loss of tension, which in turn causes blade warp, over heating and poor cut quality.  Additionally, this coating reduces the possibility for pitch build-up, which further reduces the heat element responsible for drag on the motor.  Less drag means longer tool life and longer blade life. Less pitch also means less down time for blade cleaning.

Titanium-Shield Coating is a state of the art aluminum/titanium coating option available only by Freud to dramatically prolong the life of panel saw blades by 7X over standard polished blades. Titanium Shield Coating virtually eliminates heat generated from friction.  The coating envelops the blade plate and cutting edge in a protective layer resulting in complete thermal insulation in even the harshest  conditions. Blades coated with Titanium Shield resist binding in large volume cutting, which reduces blade warp.  This lubricating feature allows the blades to spin freely and reduce stress on the motor and saw carriage, in turn prolonging the life of the machine.  Like Silver I.C.E., Titanium Shield eliminates pitch and debris build-up reducing down time for cleaning.

New Silver I.C.E. Laminate Panel Sizing Blades

Silver I.C.E.Features the following Freud Advantages:
Silver I.C.E. - keeps the blade cool and resists corrosion for 2X the cutting life of a standard polished blade.
• TiCo Hi-Density Laminate Sizing Carbide - designed specifically for panel sizing allows the tooth to maintain a sharp edge when cutting manmade materials, particularly laminates.
Laser-Cut Blade Bodies - ensure superior stability and performance longevity
Precision Tensioning - balances the centrifugal and thermal forces a blade endures during use, so it stays true under load
Computer Balancing - ensures vibration-free cuts
Laser-Cut Anti-Vibration Technology - virtually eliminates the sideways movement of a blade during operation for flawless cuts
Kickback-reducing Design - reduces the effects of dangerous kickbacks, and aids in the production of a quality finish
Super Square Tooth Design - produces a more precise cut, higher number of sharpenings and longer life between sharpenings.


Vertical & Sliding Table
Saw Blades
Split Scoring & Concial Scoring Blades
Horizontal Beam Saw Blades
Vertical & Sliding Table Saw Blades
Blade Dia. Teeth/Grind Bore Pin Holes Kerf(K) Price  
LU3A01 220mm 64 HI-ATB 30mm 2/7/42 3.2mm $132.90  
LU3A02 250mm 80 HI-ATB 30mm 2/7/42 + 2/10/60 3.2mm $147.40  
LU3A03 300mm 96 HI-ATB 30mm 2/7/42 + 2/10/60 3.2mm $187.50  
LU3A04 350mm 108 HI-ATB 30mm 2/7/42 + 2/10/60 3.5mm $229.50  
LU3B01 220mm 42 30mm 2/7/42 3.2mm $229.20  
LU3B02 250mm 48 30mm 2/7/42 + 2/10/60 3.2mm $114.50  
LU3B03 303mm 60 30mm 2/7/42 + 2/10/60 3.2mm $138.60  
LU3B04 350mm 72 30mm 2/7/42 + 2/10/60 3.5mm $169.10  
LU3D - TCG GRIND - HOOK ANGLE - Positive 5 Degrees
LU3D02 220mm 64 30mm 2/7/42 3.2mm $122.00  
LU3D04 250mm 80 30mm 2/7/42 + 2/10/60 3.2mm $158.00  
LU3D07 300mm 96 30mm 2/7/42 + 2/10/60 3.2mm $203.00  
LU3D09 350mm 108 30mm 2/7/42 + 2/10/60 3.5mm $228.90  
LU3D - TCG GRIND - HOOK ANGLE - Positive 10 Degrees
LU3D11 250mm 64 30mm 2/7/42 3.2mm $132.30  
LU3D12 300mm 80 30mm 2/7/42 + 2/10/60 3.2mm $161.70  
LU3D15 300mm 96 30mm 2/7/42 + 2/10/60 3.2mm $203.00  
LU3D17 350mm 108 30mm 2/7/42 + 2/10/60 3.5mm $237.30  
LU3E - TCG GRIND - Negative TCG Grind
LU3E01 220mm 56 30mm 2/7/42 3.2mm $91.40  
LU3E02 250mm 60 30mm 2/7/42 + 2/10/60 3.2mm $99.80  
LU3E03 300mm 72 30mm 2/7/42 + 2/10/60 3.2mm $121.80  
LU3E04 350mm 84 30mm 2/7/42 + 2/10/60 3.5mm $155.40  
Split Scoring Saw Blades
Blade Dia. Teeth Bore Kerf(K) Price  
LI16MAB3 120mm 12+12 22mm 2.8-3.6mm $100.80  
LI16MPF3 - for Rapido 120mm 12+12 50mm 2.8-3.6mm $126.50  
LI16MAA3 120mm 12+12 20mm 2.8-3.6mm $100.80  
LI16MBA3 100mm 12+12 20mm 2.8-3.6mm $100.80  
LI76MAC3 120mm 12+12 3/4" 2.8-3.6mm $144.60  
LI76MBD3 100mm 12+12 3/4" 2.8-3.6mm $95.45  
Horizontal Beam Saw Blades
Blade Dia. Teeth Bore Grind Pin Holes Kerf(K) Price  
LSB38004 380mm 72 60mm TCG 2/14/100 4.8mm $288.90  
LSB42002 420mm 84 60mm TCG 3/14/76 4.8mm $377.10  
LSB45017 450mm 72 60mm TCG 2/14/125 4.8mm $361.70  
LSB50011 500mm 72 60mm TCG 2/11/115 4.8mm $391.40  
LSB35505 350mm 72 80mm TCG 4/15/105 4.4mm $233.80  
LSB40008 400mm 72 75mm TCG 4/15/105 4.4mm $258.00  
LSB47004 470mm 96 75mm TCG 4/15/105 4.4mm $392.50  
LSB35005 350mm 72 80mm TCG 4/9/93-100 +2/9/110 +2/14/110 4.4mm $229.40  
LBS40008 400mm 72 75mm TCG 4/15/105 4.4mm $258.00  
LSB35003 350mm 72 30mm TCG 2/10/60 4.4mm $228.30  
LSB40007 400mm 72 30mm TCG   4.4mm $255.80  
LSB35003 350mm 72 30mm TCG 2/10/60 4.4mm $228.30  
LSB40007 400mm 72 30mm TCG   4.4mm $255.80  
LSB35005 350mm 72 80mm TCG 4/9/93-100 +2/9/110 +2/14/110 4.4mm $229.40  
Conical Scoring Saw Blades Hook Angle
Blade Dia. Teeth/ Grind Bore Degrees Pin Hole Kerf(K) Price  
LI25M43FE3 125mm 24 - CONICAL 45mm 0   4.3-5.5mm $105.20  
LI25M43KC3 150mm 36 - CONICAL 30mm 8   4.3-5.5mm $120.20  
LI25M43KE3 150mm 36 - CONICAL 45mm 8   4.3-5.5mm $124.80  
LI25M43LG3 160mm 36 - CONICAL 55mm 8 3/7/66 4.3-5.5mm $127.10  
LI25M43NE3 180mm 36 - CONICAL 45mm 8   4.3-5.5mm $139.80  
LI25M43PA3 200mm 36 - CONICAL 55mm 8   4.3-5.5mm $143.40  
LI25M43PI3 200mm 36 - CONICAL 65mm 8 2/9/100 -2/9/110 4.3-5.5mm $145.60  
LI25M47NE3 180mm 36 - CONICAL 45mm 8   4.7-5.9mm $135.20  
LI25M47PE3 200mm 36 - CONICAL 45mm 8   4.7-5.9mm $145.60  
LI25M57PE3 200mm 36 - CONICAL 45mm 8   5.7-6.9mm $145.60  
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