Directions for CP-90 Application:

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Wash Procedures - Rust Inhibitor CP-90 is a recommended and approved corrosion CPC product used on vehicles. The CP-90 product, in addition to its conventional areas of benefits (seams, joints, dissimilar metals, internal cavities, flash rust control), can be used on vehicles and equipment for line of sight applications for ocean transportation, long-term storage or any other situation that is in highly corrosive areas. It is not necessary to apply CP-90 to the rubber, fiberglass or Kevlar composites.


After CP-90 is applied to a vehicle, the vehicle should be
allowed to cure for a minimum period of 48 hours and then any excess product should be washed off.
For washing and removal of CP-90, consider the following:
1. Use an environmentally approved biodegradable mild degreaser such as VPW SC-1000 or SC-Aircraft.
2. Use water temperatures between 100 - 200 F.
3. Use pressure washer capable of 2000 to 3500 psi.
4. Pressure washer tip should be kept 18 inches away from surface.
5. For instances where pressure washers cannot be utilized, wipe down throughly.
If uncertain as to the necessity of washing the vehicle, usually wash:
1. After shipments arrive at their port of destination.
2. After long term storage.
3. After return from a maintenance motor pool.Following this procedure maximizes readiness and reduces O/S costs, while ensuring the CARC service is well within all guidelines as per ARL’s reporting.


To repaint an exterior surface after CP-90 has been applied, clean the surface with a preparation solvent as usual. Prime within 1 to 2 hours before CP-90 is allowed to creep and return, then top-coat as per paint manufacturer’s directions and then re-apply the CP-90 product.


1. Every six (6) to nine (9) months - in corrosion prone environments such as coastal or heavy industrial areas
2. Yearly - in the Rust Belt (Northeast U.S.)
3. Every two to three years - West & South
4. As required to corroded vehicles
5. Immediately after exposure to extreme environmental factors such as salt water wash, acid bath, sandstorm, etc.

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