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Get rid of WD-40, CP-90 is #1 for LONG TERM control and prevention of rust, greening, electrolysis and other types of corrosion on vehicles and equipment.

The Only Product Currently Approved by the Army for Use In Inner Panel Protection For Corrision.

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Rust Inhibitor CP-90, aka T-32, is a unique blend of rust inhibitors to control corrosion on ALL metals. It eliminates moisture containing salt, dirt, and air pollutants from the surface of metal to give long lasting protection. It also lubricates moving parts and is an excellent penetrant even through existing rust. CP-90 does not harm painted surfaces (including CARC paint), plastics, rubber, glass, or wiring.

The product is safe and contains no silicones, no solvents, no CFC’s and no hazardous materials as defined by OSHA Regulation 29CFR-19-10.1200.

No VOC's
Non-Toxic 100%
Non Conductive
No Teflon
No Solvents
No Silicone

Periodic application of P-90l rust inhibitor will control corrosion and extend the use of your vehicle and equipment when applied on a regular maintenance program. It can be used on new, used, and even rusted areas or equipment parts. CP-90 can be applied to more areas than any other conventional rust protection; like batteries, wiring, bi-metal surfaces, working mechanisms and moving parts. It is easy to apply, easy to clean-up and the vehicle or equipment can be returned to service immediately.

This product and product support have been used successfully for over ten years and currently are used by many commercial fleets including U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS.

A maintenance application program can be incorporated at your operation. Any size fleet, any size facility, anywhere in the world, including field bases.

CP-90 has Department of Transportation Approval and is safe to use. It reduces downtime, controls and prevents corrosion and provides lubrication on all moving parts.

Vehicle Chassis Seams
Welds Folds, and Crevices
Riveted Pieces, Chains
Electrical Wiring/Connectors, Lights
Window/Door & Lock Mechanism
Rollers, Castors
Battery Post & Cables
Hinges, Brackets
Release Cables
Coil & Leaf Springs
Gas Tanks & Straps
Brake Cables
Wheel Hub Nuts, Oil Pan, Transmission
Nuts & Bolts
Mirror Mounts
Seized Parts, Nuts, and Bolts
Radiator Shrouds & Casings
Headlight Adjusters
Where Dissimilar Metals Touch
Above are two identical Army vehicles stationed in Hawaii. The vehicle on the right was coated with CP-90 while the vehicle on the left was not. Both vehicles were exposed to the same elements for one year.

Environmentally Friendly

Complies with OSHA Regulations

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CP-90-1 GAL CP-90 Rust Inhibitor, 1 Gallon $60.00 Buy Now

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