DMT Dia-Sharp Mini-Hone DMT Dia-Sharp Kit of 3 Mini-Hones
DMT Dia-Sharp Credit Card Sharpener DMT 4" & 6" DIA-SHARP Sharpening Stones
DMT CDT62 - Triangle 6 in 1 Tool DMT Diafold Serrated Knife Sharpener
DMT Chain Saw Sharpeners DMT CS2 - Ceramic Steel
DMT Diafold Sharpeners - Single Grit DMT Honing Cones
DMT Diafold Sharpeners - Double Grit DMT DiamondVee
DMT Diafold Tapered Rods DMT Diamond Fishhook Sharpeners
DMT Diafold Flat Files DMT Diafold Ski and Snowboard Edgers
DMT Whetstone Bench Models DMT BroadHead Sharpener
DMT Diamond Mini Sharpeners DMT Crystal Saver
DMT Diafold Whetstone Pocket Models DMT Dia-Paste Diamond Compound
DMT Duo-Sharp Bench Stones  
DMT DiamondVee
Easy to use, pull-through countertop knife sharpener. Two 4" (102mm) diamond-plated rods are mounted in a durable plastic base, giving the correct sharpening angle. Safety hand guard.
Item # Color Code Description Grit Price
DMT-VEE DiamondVee™ Coarse CALL
DMT Diamond Fishhook Sharpeners
A few strokes in the diamond grooves will sharpen any hook. . .sharp hooks catch more fish! Hones hooks and fish fillet knives.
Item # Color Code Description Grit Price
DMT-FF70F Angler Mini-sharp (70mm) with fishhook groove. Fine CALL
DMT-FF70C Angler Mini-sharp (70mm) with fishhook groove. Coarse CALL
DMT Diafold Fishhook Sharpeners
Hones hooks and fish fillet knives.
DMT-FFHWF   Diafold Hook and Knife Diamond Whetstone with precision milled groove. Fine CALL
DMT-FFHWC   Diafold Hook and Knife Diamond Whetstone with precision milled groove. Coarse CALL
DMT Diafold® Diamond Chain Saw Files
Folding plastic handles enclose the 4" (110.9 mm) pocket diamond file. 9 1/2" (240 mm) open, 5" (125 mm) closed. Can also be used as a honing steel for sharpening curved tools, and knives.
Item # Color Code Description Grit Price
DMT-FCS5C   Chain Saw File — 5/32" (4.0 mm) Coarse CALL
DMT-FCS6C   Chain Saw File — 6/32" (4.8 mm) Coarse CALL
DMT-FCS7C Chain Saw File — 7/32" (5.5 mm) Coarse CALL
DMT BroadHead Sharpener
Two 3" (87.6mm) Diamond Whetstones™ mounted on stand will easily adjust to accomodate two, three, or four blade broadheads.
Item # Color Code Description Grit Price
DMT-WOB Diamond Broadhead Sharpener Fine CALL
DMT Crystal Saver
The original 4" (102mm) half-round diamond file developed for smoothing chipped edges of fine crystal, china, ceramic, glassware or any hard material. Faceted crystal-like 4" handle.
Item # Color Code Description Grit Price
DMT-COO Crystal Saver. Coarse CALL
DMT Dia-Paste Diamond Compound
Dia-Paste diamond compound provides all the benefits of diamond, while attaining finer surface finishes. Use to obtain a highly polished or mirror finish on fine woodworking tools like chisels and plane irons. Packaged in an easy to use 5" syringe.
Item # Description Price
DMT-DP1 1 micron, light gray color CALL
DMT-DP3 3 micron, green/yellow gray color CALL
DMT-DP6 6 micron, copper color CALL
DMT-DPK Dia-Paste Compound Kit of 3 (5 gram syringes) includes one of each above. CALL
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