9 .
DMT Dia-Sharp Kit of 3 Mini-Hones
DMT Dia-Sharp Credit Card Sharpener DMT 4" & 6" DIA-SHARP Sharpening Stones
DMT CDT62 - Triangle 6 in 1 Tool DMT Diafold Serrated Knife Sharpener
DMT Chain Saw Sharpeners DMT CS2 - Ceramic Steel
DMT Diafold Sharpeners - Single Grit DMT Honing Cones
DMT Diafold Sharpeners - Double Grit DMT DiamondVee
DMT Diafold Tapered Rods DMT Diamond Fishhook Sharpeners
DMT Diafold Flat Files DMT Diafold Ski and Snowboard Edgers
DMT Whetstone Bench Models DMT BroadHead Sharpener
DMT Diamond Mini Sharpeners DMT Crystal Saver
DMT Whetstone Pocket Models DMT Dia-Paste Diamond Compound
DMT Duo-Sharp Bench Stones  
Ceramic Sharpener
Now, DMT® adds a new dimension to their sharpening systems with the introduction of an assortment of precision engineered, unbreakable ceramic and diamond-ceramic sharpeners. DMT's new line incorporates the patented CeraFuse™ process to transform the surface of aluminum to an extremely hard, dense aluminum oxide that has the same properties of solid ceramic materials. The new ceramic and diamond-ceramic sharpeners are unbreakable, light, fast to use, wear resistant, will not rust and need no lubricant for the sharpening process. These ceramic and diamond-ceramic sharpeners provide the ultimate in edge polish. DMT® is offering this breakthrough technology in four models to tackle a multitude of sharpening tasks.

The #CFSK Diafold Ceramic Serrated Knife Sharpener was developed from the famous DMT® Diafold® diamond sharpener models that have become part of everyman's cutlery maintenance program. The ceramic version offers a 4.43" cone-shaped sharpener and DMT's practical, self-stowing, folding design. It is remarkably light—only 1 ounce.

The #CS2 Ceramic Steel is at home in both camp or kitchen to make short work of cutlery maintenance. A glistening black handle with large knife guard holds the bright white 12" rod.

Rounding out the collection is the #CDT62 Diamond-Ceramic Triangle Sharpener featuring a 25 micron Diamond Flexi-Sharp® surface that is just one facet of a triangle of sharpening surfaces. This sharpener also offers the utility of 3 different radiused sharpening edges and a groove for fishhooks. It adapts to virtually any sharpening task presented by woodworking gouges, serrated knives or shaped tools.

The new DMT Unbreakable Ceramic and Diamond-Ceramic Collection of Sharpeners fits today's multi-tasking sharpening needs. Quick, convenient and durable, DMT's new sharpeners are ready to perform at a moment's notice. For quality and innovative design with a purpose in mind choose DMT® products. These efficient and compact tools are all American made.

DMT Diafold Sharpeners - Extra Fine Grit/Ceramic NEW!

All the great features of the traditional Diafold Sharpeners with the added benefit of extra fine grit on one side and a ceramic sharpener on the other 9-1/2" (240mm) open, 5" (125mm) closed.

Item # Color Code Description Grit Price
DMT-CFWE Ceramic NEW! 4-1/3" x 7/8" x 1/4" Double Sided Diafold with Extra Fine Grit on one side, ceramic on the other Extra Fine/ Ceramic CALL
DMT CDT62 - Triangle 6 in 1 Tool

This sharpener also offers the utility of 3 different radiused sharpening edges and a groove for fishhooks.

Ceramic Sharpener
Item # Color Code Description Grit Price
DMT-CDT62 Diamond Ceramic Triangle 6 in 1 tool:
Handle: 4 1/16" (119 mm)
Flat sides: 6" (152 mm)
Radii: 0.063" (1.60 mm) 0.125" (3.18 mm) 0.188" (4.78 mm
Coarse/Fine CALL
DMT CS2 - Ceramic Steel
CS2 Steel
The diamond, or unbreakable Ceramic Steel™ extends the life of knives, this alone can pay for the cost of the DMT® sharpener.
Item # Description  Price
DMT-CS2 Ceramic steel, 12", with sanitary black plastic handle with a large guard and white easy to hang up ring. Handle 4 31/32" (126 mm),
Ceramc 12" (304 mm)
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