About Cratex Straight Wheels - Large Size

Cratex Large Wheels have found wide application for removing rust, heat marks, tarnish, excess solder, scratches, corrosion...blending in and polishing welded seams after rough grinding...polishing bearing surfaces and race ways...removing burrs and breaking edges...smoothing and polishing castings and punched or sheared pieces...wet sanding of gem stones...trimming plastic articles...smoothing glass edges...cleaning before welding or soldering...and for countless other deburring, smoothing, and polishing operations.

• Hole sizes shown are the minimum diameter recommended for the various wheel sizes listed and wheels will be supplied this way unless larger holes are specified on your order. Wheels with larger holes can be ordered at the same price, providing hole diameter is a multiple of 1/8” and does not exceed 1-1/4”. For other hole sizes, request pricing.

MAXIMUM SAFE SPEEDS in Revolutions Per Minute: 1-1/2” dia.-15,000; 2”-10,500; 2-1/2”-8,300; 3”-7,000; 4”-5,250; 5”-4,200; 6”-3,600; 7”-3,000; 8”-2,600; 10”-2,100. These speeds are based on 5,500 Surface Feet Per Minute. Best results are usually obtained at 30% to 80% of Maximum Safe Speed. Use light work pressure.

*Diameter in Inches


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