CMT Now Offers 3
Great Blade Families

-The New ITK Thin Kerf Blades (left) and Our Unique Teflon® -Coated Industrial Blades on the right
-offer even more options to better compliment our Industrial Xtreme Sawblade line.

So Which Blade is Best for You?

Whether you choose Industrial Xtreme, ITK Blades or the Orange Teflon-coated industrial line, your blade will include many key features, like teeth ground from the finest micrograin carbide, premium steel plate, and the latest in blade design and manufacturing. So why two lines? To provide woodworkers with precisely the right blade for their project.

CMT Saw Blade Safety Precautions


These blades are your best choice for high volume applications, like the shop that keeps its blades running all day, every day. With their heavy-gauge plate, this line of blades has the stamina for saws with lots of power. Every plate, every slot, every gullet is laser cut for accuracy, and every blade is carefully tensioned to ensure true, vibration-free rotation on your saw. And, of course, each blade is finished with a baked-on layer of our orange Teflon® industrial coating to help keep the blade free of build-up, resulting in cooler, cleaner cutting and more work between resharpenings.


Intended primarily for large panel saws and industrial wood working machinery. High precision, high tolerance and long lifetime. Features: German steel, chrome carbide, anti-vibration design, explansion slots to reduce noise, tri-metal brazing.

CMT USA's new line of heavy duty industrial blades aren't really new at all - they have been proven in the most demanding production environments in Europe. Now they are available to professional and industrial woodworkers in the USA, and they bring a hose of serious features. Every blade is formed from tough, high-quality European steel, and laser-cut to precise tolerances.


ITK's first name is" industrial ," and that's because they are designed to give you a very hard day's work. They are offered at prices that make them an incredible value. The thinner plate makes the ITK line the right choice for saws that are a bit underpowered, or use them to reduce waste when cutting expensive materials on more muscular saws. Like our Teflon coated blades, they feature precision balanced, laser cut plate. Then we've taken blade technology a step further, employing the latest design and production techniques to provide remarkably true, accurate cuts from a thin kerf blade.


CMT Saw Blade Stabilizer

CMT Balance Blade/Sanding Disk

CMT Saw Blade
Carry Case

CMT PTFE Teflon Coated Industrial Blade

CMT PTFE Teflon®-Coated Precision Dado Sets

CMT PTFE Teflon®-Coated Biscuit Joiner Blades


Glue Line Ripping Blades

Heavy-Duty General
Purpose Blades

CMT's Heavy-Duty Fine Cutoff
and Finishing Blades

Melamine and Fine Cutoff blades

Cabinet Shop Blades

CMT Panel Sizing Saw Blades

CMT Conical Scoring Saw Blades

CMT Adjustable Scoring Saw Blades

CMT Non-Ferrous Metal Blades

CMT Industrial Dry Cut Blades

CMT Solid Surface Saw Blades

CMT Plexiglass & Plastic Sawblades

CMT PCD SawBlades for Fiber Cement Products

CMT's Laminate & Chipboard Industrial Blades

CMT's Ripping & Crosscut Industrial Blades

CMT's Finishing Industrial Blades

ITK Ultra Thin Kerf Blades

CMT'S ITK Blade Packs

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