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Wood Tech Enterprises is proud to be CMT's primary industrial tooling distributor by offering this fine line of industrial woodworking tooling.
CMT introduces the best thing to happen to tooling
since orange router bits— Orange Sawblades!

Orange saw blades! Not just any colored blade, but CMT high quality circular saw blades with trademark orange Teflon® industrial coating. Now you can immediately recognize a CMT blade by its orange color.

To create saw blades that are the best on the market, CMT goes to the same great lengths to produce a top quality blade as router bits, beginning with throughly researched design concepts. Hooks and grind angles, carbide compositions and gullet designs are studied to give CMT blades the most efficient cutting performance. CMT also uses only the best raw materials available in the world - super 42-44 Rackwell hardened steel from Germany and Cerametal micrograin carbide.

CMT saw blades are precisely worked on a series of CNC machines from start to finish:

The steel body of the blade is laser cut, not die cut, from superior strength steel. Laser cutting allows for use of a higher hardness level of steel than die-cutting. Softer steel tends to warp more easily. Laser-cut blades are not subjected to the stresses of the stamping process and remain flat and accurate for years of continuous service.

The next step is the smoothing and tensioning of the plate surfaces, which are evidenced by the superior finish and visible tension ring that runs around the circumference of the blade. This phase is done on computerized machinery and guarantees blade stability and uniformity. After tensioning, the bore and seats for the carbide teeth are ground. A smooth finish on the bore will make sure that the blade can be accurately mounted to the saw arbor and will have perfect concentricity during rotation.

Just as important is accurate grinding of the tooth seat for a sure fit of the carbide tip and maximum contact for brazing. Micrograin carbide teeth are applied with special silver-copper-silver brazing compound. This combination of metals is unique, in that, when the steel body and the carbide tipped teeth are heated during brazing, they expand and contract with the blade. The blades are then sanded, degreased and a coating of trademark orange Teflon® is baked on. Teflon® Industrial Coating is a stratified coating that forms layers when applied. This low friction, non-stick Teflon® coating provides your blade with advantages that you can‘t get from a standard painted or chrome plated blade.

1. Teflon® coated blades stay sharper longer - In woodworking tests, the Teflon® coated blade cut 55% more linear feet of wood than painted blades and 50% more than chrome-plated blades.

2. Teflon® coated blades are rust resistant - In accelerated tests, the Teflon® coated blades effectively sealed out moisture that caused painted and chrome-plated blades to rust. No oils, greases or rust-preventatives needed.

3. Teflon® coated blades clean up easier - The non-stick nature of Teflon® makes blade clean up easy. Even after extensive use, Teflon® coated blades wiped clean of gum and resin build up.

4. Teflon® coated blades use less energy - Ammeter readings taken from a 7-1/4" circular saw proved that Teflon® coated blades used 38% less amperage than painted blades and 35% less than chrome-plated blades. By using less amperage, Teflon® coated blades can help save wear and tear on saw motors and reduce energy costs.

5. Teflon® blades perform smoother, sharper cuts - In test conducted in wood, Teflon® blades did not gum up or collect resin like normal blades do. The self-lubricating Teflon® finish sheds sappy wood residue before it builds up and leaves the blade clean to make sharper, more accurate cuts.

The final poduction step is the sharpening of the micrograin carbide teeth. Early on CMT carefully studied and researched the individual bevel tooth design and tooth combination for each blade according to its use. During the sharpening phase each angle, down to the milacron, is precise using multi-axis CNC machine for absolute razor sharp tips.

An informative Teflon® silkscreen to the side of every blade provides immediate details about the blade type and its use.

Lastly, the CMT blade is packed in a US patent design carry case for safe and convenient storage when not in use. Made of tough HDPE plastic for years of reuse.