Ultra Thin Kerf

CMT's ITK Ultra Thin Kerf Blades bring the performance of our Industrial Thin Kerf blades to your cordless saw! With our new Ultra Thin Kerf blades, you can produce an excellent finish anywhere you can carry a cordless saw. Available in 5-3/8" and 6-1/2" diameters in tooth configurations for a wide range of applications: ripping or crosscutting wood, PVC, non-ferrous metal and composite materials. Our Ripping/Crosscut and Fine Cut blades feature a combination of flat top and alternate top bevel teeth that deliver beautiful cuts in a wide array of stock. For non-ferrous metal, PVC and composite materials, choose the 226-series Industrial Dry Cut blades. Whichever you choose, you'll get a blade that gives a quality cut with the minimum stock removal and the least possible stress on your saw!
ITK Industrial Dry Cut Blades
Ultra thin kerf
Ultra Thin Kerf
Item # Blade dia. in inches or mm No. of teeth Type of Grind Hook Angle Bore
Kerf Thickness Plate Thickness Price
5-3/8" 18 1FTG+2/20° ATB 20° 10mm 1.3mm 0.8mm CALL
6-1/2" 18 1FTG+2/20° ATB 20° 5/8" 1.3mm 0.8mm CALL
(Fine Cut)
5-3/8" 36 1FTG+2/15° ATB 20° 10mm 1.3mm 0.8mm CALL
(Fine Cut)
6-1/2" 36 1FTG+2/15° ATB 20° 5/8" 1.3mm 0.8mm v


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