CMT Teflon®-Coated Dado Sets, Non-Ferrous Metal Blades & More



CMT Teflon® Coated Precision Dado Sets
Click here to see the blade tooth configurations.
Our special 3/32" chipper lets you adjust for undersized plywood. CMT's Precision Dado Set delivers splinter-resistant cuts in all wood, plywood, and wood properties.

CMT's Precision Dado Sets are designed to set a new standard in performance and they're now available in 6" or 8" diameter. The new 6" Dado is perfect for smaller or the typical 10" contractor saw. Both of these great tools offer features that make them ideal for any cabinet shop , including:

  1. Anti-kickback design to reduce the possibility of overfeeding that can occur when cutting mass materials.
  2. Splinter resistant cuts in veneer plywood, melamine and hard or soft woods.
  3. Four tooth chippers that keep the cut flat & virtually free from tear cut.
  4. 3/32" chipper made especially for undersize plywood
  5. Shim sets included for cuts between 1/4" and 29/32"
Item # Diameter No. of teeth Chippers Hook Angle Bore Dia. Kerf Thickness Plate Thickness List Price


20 4x1/8", 1x3/32" 1x1/16" -5° 5/8" 0.125 0.087 CALL
CMT#230.024.08 8" 24  4x1/8", 1x3/32" 1x1/16" -5° 5/8"  0.125 0.087 CALL
CMT Non-Ferrous Metal Blades
Our non-ferrous Metal Saw Blades are ideal for miter radial and table saws and give optimum performance cutting aluminum, brass or other non-ferrous metals. They feature high-impact-strength carbide teeth, triple chip tooth configuration and a unique gullet design that allows efficient chip evaluation.

The closest tooth-to-body ratio .112 to .098 blade plate gives better support to the tooth and the -7 degree hook angles provides controlled cutting for a smooth finish without collapsing channel or storm window frames. NOTE: We highly recommend using a liquid lubricant. Wax stick for lubrication is NOT RECOMMENDED!

Click here for WCL Lubricant or try Dri-Cote

Click here to see the blade tooth configurations.
Item # Blade dia. in inches No. of teeth Type of Grind Hook Angle Bore Diameter Kerf Thickness Plate Thickness List Price


60 1TCG+1FTG -7° 5/8" 0.122 0.098




80 1TCG+1FTG -7° 5/8" 0.122 0.098 CALL


96 1TCG+1FTG -7° 5/8" 0.122 0.098 CALL
Before starting a project, balance your blade in your table saw with the CMT Balance Blade and Sanding Disk. Mount the balance blade in your table saw and line it up with a square for accuracy. Remove the balance blade and mount your saw blade for true and precise cuts. Or use the Balance Blade & Sanding Disk as a sander by attaching a self-stick sandpaper disk to the balance blade and installing it in your table saw.
Item # Blade Bore Diameter
CMT#299.111.00 8" 5/8"


5/8" CALL
CMT Saw Blade Stabilizer
The CMT Blade Stabilizer virtually eliminates rim vibration to make cleaner, straighter cuts and extend the life of your blade. It also helps eliminate distracting noise caused by vibration during cutting. NOTE: for use on stationary saws only. Each order includes 2 Stabilizers.
Item # Disk Diameter Bore Diameter Discription
CMT#299.101.00 3" 5/8" 2 Stabilizers for 8" blades


5/8" 2 Stabilizers for 10" blades
CMT Biscuit Joiner Blades
CMT's Biscuit Joiner Blades with our trademarked orange Teflon® coating make biscuit jointing quick and easy. High-grade German steel and 8 micrograin carbide tipped teeth guarantee years of use. Fits Lamello, DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Skil, Bosch, Freud and other popular biscuit joiner models.
Item # Blade diameter No. of teeth Description Plate Thickness Bore Diameter PRICE


8 Fits Lameilo, Dewalt, Skil, Bosch, Freud and similar models - also fits Makita! .110 22mm CALL


8 Fits Porter-Cable .122 22mm CALL
CMT Patented Saw Blade Carry Case
Keeping your blades clean and stored properly is the key to longer blade life - so CMT's technical department designed this sturdy, HDPE plastic reusable blade case to hold all your CMT blades. Available in 3 sizes to fit most saw blade diameters.
Item # Description Blade Diameter PRICE

Blade case - small, includes clips

up to 7-1/4" CALL
CMT#03.01.0211 Blade case - medium, includes clips up to 7-3/8 to 8-1/2" CALL
CMT#03.01.0202 Blade case - includes clips up to 8-5/8 to 10" CALL
CMT#03.01.0212 Blade case - includes clips up to 10-1/8 to 12" CALL
CMT#03.01.0203 Blade case - large, includes clips up to 12-1/8 to 14" CALL
CMT#990.012.00 Replacement screw   CALL
CMT#03.51.0205 Extra clips for Blade cases   CALL

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