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Metering Technology


Metering Technology

ABNOX Engineering and customised solutions for modern lubrication and metering systems for the effort in assembly appliances, assembly machines, assembly systems as well as in single assembly work stations

Customized Solutions for Metering Technology
(Above) Dispensing equipment for suspension fork to bicycle / steering fork bearings.

(Above) Dispensing equipment for plastics molding No. 1 (Building services / HVAC)

(Above) Dispensing equipment for molding No. 2 (Building services / HVAC)

(Above) Dispensing equipment for ball bearing.
(Above) Dispensing equipment for ball bearing
(Above)Dispensing equipment for gear cover / gear case
Dispensing station for gear pinion | Dispensing station for adapter
Dispensing equipment for coolant | Dispensing station for casing
Dispensing station for filling rotary transfer machine | Dispensing station for steering column
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